Strike Gold

Butter Believe It - Golden Token

If you love games, gold, and free dessert, this page is where you need to be. From finding a Butter Believe It Golden Token in any of our dessert boxes to coming up with the best dessert puns, play along to win a golden treat.

Why play?
It's a fun game, you gotta play! Plus it's probably best to enjoy sunny London while it lasts. It's probably raining again next Wednesday.

How do you win?
Find a golden token in a dessert box you've ordered from us. Post it and tag us on Instagram @butterbelieveit.

What do you win?

  1. Get a free box of doughnuts delivered to your door. 
  2. Get an honourable mention on our Instagram Story.

When do you win?
As soon as you find the token.

"My the odds be ever in your favour!"

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