Hi there, welcome to the Classes at Butter Believe It! Before I dive in, let me tell you a little about myself. 

My name is Haya, I’m a pastry chef originally from Amman, Jordan but relocated to London, UK in 2018. I used to run a bakery in Amman and London called - you guessed it, Butter Believe It - but today, we’re shifting our focus towards classes! I love teaching and especially getting to meet all of you.

Sign up for an in-person group class, request a bespoke session, or go for the virtual option. 

In-person classes will be held in Amman, Jordan or London, UK. 

Why should you take a class with me?

First of all, people have said hanging out with me is a hoot! So while we learn, we’ll be getting to know each other, making jokes, and basically becoming fast friends. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Second reason to sign up with me (and the more important reason) is because I studied at Le Cordon Bleu in London, which gave me the tools I needed to become an instructor of baking. 

Third, I launched 2 bakeries in the past few years, one in Amman, Jordan and one in London, UK. I’ve managed a cafe in central London, directed a team of 12 and orchestrated a high production kitchen. I know how to work with anyone and I continuously work on bettering myself and others around me.

What kind of classes do we offer?

  1. The basics of baking, cake decorating & layering. 
  2. Cookie making classes that take you through the entire process from A to Z.
  3. Kids friendly classes to teach your little ones the way around the kitchen. 
  4. Creating a dessert menu - a full guide and live training sessions for commercial kitchens.
  5. Learn how to bake vegan-friendly and gluten-free desserts.

I’d like to start with these and see how it goes. Drop me a line if you’d like to learn something specific not on this list.

What kind of class are you looking for?

  • In-person Classes: I'll host these in Amman and London for the time being. Join me as I guide you through cake frosting, layering, decorating, and lots more. I’ll answer all your questions so you can leave confident and ready to take on the kitchen on your own, after just 1 class!
  • Custom Baking Classes: If you can’t make it to a group session but would like to create your own class, go for the personalised option. Fill out the form here telling me what you want to learn, what your culinary background is, how many people you are, if you’d rather meet in-person or online, and I’ll create a personalised class just for you. A great experience for a loved one’s birthday or a special occasion!
  • Virtual Baking Classes: I’m working on some exciting virtual group classes for those who can’t attend the classes in Amman or London. In the meantime, if you’d like to book your very own virtual baking class with me, fill out this form here so we can make arrangements for your personalised session.

Who should sign up for our classes?

  • Someone looking for a really fun and worthwhile experience. We play music and offer coffee and biscuits throughout the class in case the baked goods take too long. 
  • An intermediate baker looking to perfect their skills. 
  • A beginner just starting out in the kitchen. 
  • Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a class for you at Butter Believe It.
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