Creators of Butter Believe It

Butter Believe It aims to be the heart of every celebration table. We’re super excited to share our dessert flavours, textures and designs with London and beyond.

We started from a tiny kitchen in Amman, Jordan in 2015, and quickly became the go-to dessert brand there. We then moved everything to London and popped up as a dessert cafe on Brushfield Street. We owe our success to our incredibly talented team, unbeatable spirit, and innovative technology.

Indulgent desserts is our specialty. We think we’ve succeeded when you answer “yes” to this simple question: will you have another bite? You butter believe all our cakes and cookies pass that test.






As Co-Founder and Executive Chef, Haya has enjoyed bringing her life-long love affair with baking to fruition. She fondly recalls memories of baking up a storm in the kitchen as a young girl with her Dad, from that moment on she was hooked.

Haya attended a leading Culinary Arts school in London (Le Cordon Bleu) and used her skills and talent to pursue her dream of opening a bakery. Haya started Butter Believe It from a tiny kitchen in Amman, Jordan just over three years ago, and quickly became the go-to dessert chef there.

A proud pioneer, Haya loves experimenting and spending hours creating and perfecting delicious flavour combinations to deliver a wow factor in every bite.



Yazan is Butter Believe It’s Co-Founder, but most importantly, Haya’s biggest supporter and accomplice (otherwise known as her husband).

With a fierce sweet tooth and a passion for technology, he provides the structure, ambition and forward-thinking drive for Butter Believe It.

Yazan is affectionately known as the gadget-man, internet-fixer, food-taster and is Butter Believe It’s business backbone, leaving him just enough time to bake the perfect batch of scones and enjoy a much-needed bike ride.


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